HIGO X series New


Full length216mm
Total weight132g
Blade length89mm
Blade materialZDP189
Blade thickness3.2 mm
Blade hardnessaround HRc67
AttributeA wrench for dismantlement.

This knife is a flagship of the Higo series. It is not possible to select it freely though there are variously steel material of the scale and combination of the embellishments. The blade of ZDP189 can cut Manila rope 1,000 times, and slices paper afterwards. The bottom of this blade edge angle is 30 degrees, and it's continuously change to the top of the blade. The top edge’s angle is 24 degrees. This change angle is a result of the sharpness pursuit of ROCKSTEAD. This knife is preeminent sharpness.. Please wipe it when you used this knife. This knife will shine permanently only by wiping it. You can enjoy its sharp cutting capabilities for a long time. This scale is fixed with two screws and decomposition is easy. After cutting the fish or the animal, you can easily clean it.

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