NEHAN (a reprinted edition) New


Full length147mm
Hardnessaround HRc67
ScaleTitanium + Artificial Marble (MB)

We had released the NEHAN from 2007 to 2010. At this time, we decided to reprinted of this model. As you know that is designed by Koji Hara. He is also very famous custom knife maker in the world. Almost a design is the same compared to the original model. However, all structures are totally difference. Consequently, new NEHAN is more high-completed than original one. Also, this is the highest quality folding knife with Rockstead's expertise clutivated through knife production.
Blade material is ZDP 189 and a mirror polishing finish. And, this is button lock system that is very safe mechanism.

We use two kind of different handle materials. One is "Artificial Marble" that is used high-end kitchen counter also, it looks very gorgeous.
The other one is the "Ebonite" that is used high-end fountain pen also, this is very popular in the fountain pen collector.

These materials are bond with titanium plate, and then these are manufacturing. This design image is the Japanese Kimono's fold. These heterogeneous materials SIMULTANEOUS PRECISION FINISHING are accumulated technologies by DON"s handle manufacturing process.

Usually, these handles are put right and left together by screws. However, these screws doesn't find of this knife. It looks like one piece handle. This is our original technorogy.


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